Wheels and Tires


The car has been sitting on steelies for awhile, so I figured we can kick things up a notch... BAM!

At first I thought that wheels were going to significantly cut into my budget. I really love OZ Superleggaras, but they are around $200 each, so we definitely needed to find something more economical. Since the car is white, I really wanted some anthracite or black wheels.

Here is some Tire sizing info for you. All of the following are interchangeable for the original equipment without throwing off your speedo too much:

175/17-13 (stock)

If you want something wider, Rally Beater was run with 205/??-14 R-compound race tires on it with no rubbing. I think we may have had to bend the front brake line bracket on the front shocks some though.

It was a tossup whether to go with 14's or 15's, so I decided to go with 15's, which would make our new tire size 195/50-15.

I got extremely lucky, and my roommate's dealership that he works at had a set of new '03 Civic Si wheels that they were happy to sell him for $200 ($214 after tax). So I guess we'll have an '87 Civic Si with '03 Civic Si wheels retro look!

For tires, I picked up a set of Goodyear Eagle F1's off TireRack for around $80 each. Why F1's? Well, I like the tread pattern, and the reviews were all good. I used to have a set of Kumho Ecsta 712's on my Subaru RS and liked them a lot. They were only $50 for 195/50-15's, but I decided to give the F1's a try. They really don't have any rain groove, which makes me wonder how they will perform in the rain, but some of the reviews said the rain performance is excellent, so I guess we'll find out.


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