Radius Arms, Ball Joints, Energy Suspension Bushings Install


Radius Arm Removal

Getting the radius arms off is pretty easy.  An air impact is pretty necessary though.

1.) Start by disconnection the ball joints from the spindles, if it is still attached.  I did this with the whole cross member out of the car, so it was already disconnected.

2.) Disconnect the front sway bar end links from the radius arms.  I think the bolts were 12mm.  See my section on front sway bar for details.

3.) Remove the big nut from the end of the arm. It's a 24mm.  Air Impact highly recommended.

4.) Remove the nuts from the other 2 bolts on the arm.  Hold the other end with a wrench because they will spin.  Both sides are 14mm.  I noticed on all mine, and on 2 different cross members, that all the bolts looked bashed up on the front, so it was hard to get a wrench over the head of the bolt.

5.) let the arm swing toward the ground, the slide it forward out of the bushings.  Pop the bushing out of each side and inspect.  Clean and grease lightly if you are going to reuse them.


Energy Suspension Bushings

I got the whole Energy Suspension poly bushing kit.  This is the installation of the Radius Arm bushings from that kit.

1.) (optional) Throw Energy Suspension directions in the trash.  They are worthless.  Just follow my directions and it'll be easy, I promise!  If you don't want to toss them in the landfill, I can make some other recommendations on what to do with them, but they mostly involve defecation...

2.) Make sure you have all the parts of the kit.  There should be 4 poly bushings, 4 washers, and 2 metal tubes.  The whole she-bang is pictured below, along with the stockers that we are replacing.

3.) Put washer on end of radius arm.  Interestingly, the washer is just slightly too small to actually slide over the radius arm.  I put the arm in a vice, put the washer on as far as it would go, then put a metal tube over it and pounded it down the rest of the way with a hammer.

4.) Install bushings into cross member.  Lightly grease the bushings themselves, and spread some grease in the bushing cups (the hole in the cross member). Then put a bushing in each side, and tap it into place with a hammer.  Make sure its in there all the way.  If it falls out, then it wasn't in there. They fit snug.

5.) Lightly grease one of the metal tubes that came in the kit, and just get it started into the bushing that is more toward the back of the car.  Insert it just far enough for it to not fall out.

6.) Insert the radius arm into the bushing from the front (the way it came out).

7.) Use a hammer to pound the metal tube the rest of the way into the bushings, making it flush.  You'll probably need to stick a tube or a socket over the end of it so you don't mess up the threads of the radius arm.

8.) Slide on a washer, and the originally removed 24mm bolt.  Air impact that sucker down, and reattach the 2 bolts by the ball joint.  Done!

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