Intake - The Weapon-R Fiasco


When we swapped our parts from our '89 Integra to the 87 Civic, we also swapped the entire steering column too.  The problem with this is that we didn't swap the door locks too, so now I need 2 keys for the car.  Well, I have enough keys on my keychain, so my plan is to move the original civic ignition lock to the Integra steering column (which is in the Civic now incase you missed that).

I will also be disabling the steering wheel lock. This lock causes the steering wheel to lock into place if you turn it and the key isn't in the ignition. I may be wrong, but I am almost positive that it is an SCCA requirement to disable the steering lock on all race cars, so here is how you do it!

Tools needed: Dremel or other rotary tool with cutoff wheel, flathead screwdriver, JB Weld (if disabling steering lock)

Step 1: Get both steering columns out of the cars. Notice the ignition lock assembly is held on by 2 bolts.

Step 2: The 2 bolts have no way to grip them, so take your rotary tool and cut a groove in the head of each bolt big enough to fit your flathead screwdriver in. See before/after pictures below.

Step 3: Remove the bolts with screwdriver and pull ignition lock bracket off.

Step 4: Looking at the back of the bracket, you can see how the steering lock works. There is a metal nub that goes into a groove on the steering shaft, and that nub will only retract into the ignition assembly when the key has been turned. To disable the steering lock, all we have to do is either 1) grind off the entire metal nub, or 2) keep it from sticking out of the ignition bracket. I started to grind it off, but it took more than 30 sec so i gave up. I decided to just push the nub in (its on a spring by the way) and put some JB Weld on it to keep it pressed in.

Step 5: After JB Weld has hardened, put it back together and put back in the car! Congrats!

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