Intake - The Weapon-R Fiasco


As far as intakes go, not too many companies still make them for an '89 Integra or an '87 Civic.  I decided to go with Weapon-R.  I personally don't have much confidence in Weapon-R... in my opinion they are better at making license plate frames and stickers than real performance parts.  However, I did put a WR intake on my Subaru once for a day and it did make a noticeable difference, so I figured it wouldn't be too awful.

So I ordered the intake and it showed up a little later. However, the label on the box was marked Prelude instead of Integra, so I already knew I was going to have issues. I went ahead and tried to install the intake anyway, thinking the box may have just been mislabeled.

First off, the intake tube has by far the worst craftsmanship of any automotive product I have ever purchased. The hole drilled for the vacuum hose bung was totally rough, with metal tabs on the inside. The ends of the tube were still rough from the saw and you could cut your hand on them.  Worst of all, the entire inside of the tube was COVERED WITH METAL SHAVINGS from the cutting! Thank god I noticed, because if I would have fired up the motor and sucked all this crap in, the motor would have been destroyed!

After attempting to install this thing, it didn't even come close to fitting. Here is a picture of the intake tube lying in place. Mind the dirt - the picture is the engine compartment of Project Rally Beater, so its seen its share of dirt.

So I had to contact WR and send them this photo because they didn't believe that they sent me the wrong tube. Hopefully the right one comes next time!

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