'87 Honda Civic Si Buildup

Project: "The White Car"

Project Purpose & History

This site contains documentation and commentary on my '87 Civic Si project. The purpose of the project is to restore an old ugly civic into something actually respectable. One major consideration is leaving the exterior reasonably stock looking. I want this car to show up all the douchebags I see on a daily basis with their body kits, alteza-style tail lights, stupid wings, and fart-can exhaust tips... I hate those kids! Just because you cut the springs on your car, removed one wiper blade, painted your interior, and your wearing a visor backwards and upside down doesn't mean your car is cool, toolbox! :)

This project stems from Project: Rally Beater, which was a red '87 Civic Si that I had bought for $300. Nearly every body panel is trashed and rusting on this baby! We swapped an '89 Integra D16A1 motor into it.  Add some other parts, a nitrous (ZEX) setup, and you have yourself a sub-$2000 pile of humorous junk! 'Beater' as it is so affectionately called, was used for occasional SCCA road rally use, and was run in the Grasroots Motorsports $2002 challenge, where we placed just about dead last. This is mainly because the car was the ugliest most beat up one there and so placed last in the concourse judging. We would have done well in the drag race portion of the competition, but it was rained out, so we didn't get to make up any points :(

It should be noted that I have 2 complete '87 Si chassis. One is Rally Beater, the other is a former SCCA ITA car. The IT car still has some good body panels, so most of that car's body will be swapped onto Beater, then the remaining panels fixed.

Project Goals

Project Status / Summary

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Buildup Contents

  Sound Dampening Tar Removal  
  Front Cross Member & Steering Rack  
  Intake - The Weapon-R fiasco  
  Header - DC Sports  
  Wheels & Tires  
  Front Sway Bar & Energy Suspension Bushings  
  Radius Arms, Ball Joints, Energy Suspension Bushings Install  
  Torsion Bar Removal / Install  
  Tie Rod End Removal / Install  
  Rear Coilover Conversion Kit  
  Swapping ignition lock & Disabling steering lock  
  Gauge Cluster Disassembly / VSS Swap